Monday, April 8, 2013

Am I a Transhumanist Poser?

This last week I read an article that stated, “If you’re into Transhumanism and you’re not doing anything to improve your body and be in the best shape you can be in, you’re just a POSER.” 

This remark did not strike me as hard as it would have six months ago, before I started cleaning up my diet and losing weight, but it did make me wonder what other ways I could live a more authentic H+ life.

I then took a road trip to attend the Mormon Transhumanist Association (a member of the H+ community) conference which I enjoyed immensely   As soon as the presentations began I started thinking about what I could write about that would get me a spot presenting next year.

While I have yet to decide on a topic for a paper, all of this has led me to make the decision to plan out and live Transhumanism as well as I am able.

I now feel that the poser quote can apply to much more than just improving our bodies, it must also apply to our minds as well.

With this in mind I am beginning to plan out those improvements that I can currently make.  I will follow this planing and implementation on this blog.  I do so to track my own improvements and to tap into social pressures to keep me to my goals.

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