Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Practical Transhumanism to me is using technology and knowledge to improve the human condition. This is an all encompassing and never-ending practice and so I am going to break it down into as many facets as possible.  Each one will receive several blogs as I break them down further.

The subsections I will be focusing on are:

Time Management
     Daily/Weekly/Monthly planning
     Eliminating distractions

     Speed reading
     General cognition/rationality
     Lifelong learning

     Motor skills
     Quantified self

     Creative outlets

I'm sure that as time goes on more will be added to the list.  I am also sure that I will have to tackle these one or two at a time until they become part of my habits.  Part of my initial planning will be to sequence them so that they will have additive effects to each other.

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